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Multiculturality: There is Own Time and Period for Everything… (From Vasyl Tkachenko Publicism)

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The authors of the publication:
Borysenko Valentyna
Bibliographic description:
Borysenko, V. (2019) Multiculturality: There is Own Time and Period for Everything… (From Vasyl Tkachenko Publicism). Folk Art and Ethnology, 1 (377), 31–38.


Borysenko Valentyna

a Doctor of History, a professor, an Honoured Science and Technology Worker, a head of the Archival Scientific Funds of Manuscripts and Audio-Recordings Department of the NASU M. Rylskyi


Multiculturality: There is Own Time and Period for Everything… (From Vasyl Tkachenko Publicism)



A critical review of the works of the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of Ukrainian NAPS, Honoured Worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine Vasyl Tkachenko is proposed in the article Multiculturality: There is Own Time and Period for Everything... (From Vasyl Tkachenko Publicism). He has applied an innovatory approach to a very important problem of identity for the first time. He has emphasized that the Ukrainians national identity formation is equivalent in its essence to the national safety factor. The scientist shows that Western analysts realize the situation, which has arisen in the conditions of Russia aggression and the occupation of a part of Ukrainian territory well. They think, that success in this lingering conflict may consist in the strengthening of the national identity sense. It will help the country to keep apart its historical connections with Russia.

Multiculturality problem is discussed widely in modern globalized world. It is described objectively in Vasyl Tkachenko works for the first time. Political situation in Europe in the early ХХІst century has become complicated also because of the mighty migrations of the population. The leading politicians of Germany, France, Great Britain admit that multiculturality policy has sustained failure and they start to emphasize the necessity of the national minorities and ethnic groups integration into the societies of their residence countries. Studying language of the state, chosen by the ethnic groups for dwelling, is not a voluntary option, but should become a responsibility. The author emphasizes that Russia, which always insists on Ukraine federalization, has rejected multiculuralism strategy on the official level itself. Europe has already refused the multiculturality process. Taking this fact into account, the author’s standpoint, that it happens in Ukraine through the Ukrainian language oppression as a state one is correct. That’s why our main task for today is the society consolidation on the base of common values, preserving spiritual traditions of all ethnic communities.



Ukraine, national identity, national safety, multiculturality, integration, publicism.



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