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Ukrainians of Kazakhstan: History of Formation and Ethno-Cultural Features of National Minority

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The authors of the publication:
Cherniyenko DenYs
Bibliographic description:
Cherniyenko, D. (2019) Ukrainians of Kazakhstan: History of Formation and Ethno-Cultural Features of National Minority. Folk Art and Ethnology, 6 (382), 14–28.


Cherniyenko Denys

a Ph.D. in History, a senior research fellow at the Institute of State History of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan)


Ukrainians of Kazakhstan: History of Formation and Ethno-Cultural Features of National Minority



The history of formation of the Ukrainian population of Kazakhstan is considered in the article. Attention is paid to the main migration stages, determined by certain social-economic and political-ideological factors of their time. According to the data of population censuses, the peak statistical indices are given, the current state of affairs is analyzed, showing a rapid decrease of Ukrainians number in Kazakhstan. It is connected with migration, ethno-demographic, ethno-social and assimilative processes. The researches of leading Ukrainian scientists V. Biletska, O. Bezhkovych are attracted to characterize the main features of traditional national culture. V. Biletska and O. Bezhkovych are the first who have studied the resettlers life in the 1920s from the scientific point of view. It is noted that Ukrainians in Kazakhstan have preserved some ethnographic features till the middle of the 20th century and even later, that is shown in housing, clothes, cuisine, rituals, etc. Linguistic assimilation is a significant component of substantial assimilation processes. According to the 2009 census, 15.8 % of Ukrainians in Kazakhstan consider the Ukrainian language as their native one.

Also an overall social picture of modern national minority is proposed on the basis of statistical materials. The activity of existing for today Ukrainian ethno-cultural centres, public associations and communities in Kazakhstan is aimed at the preservation of ethnic originality, the most distinct features of national culture. At the same time, historical experience and the current state of ethno-cultural interaction between the Ukrainian and Kazakh people are of great importance. It dates from the time of the first settlers. Many sources provide evidences that relations between Kazakhs and Ukrainians have been established as mainly friendly. In everyday life it has been shown in the adoption of various household traditions and knowledge, inter-ethnic marriages and languages mastering. Finally, it is concluded that the scientific experience of studying of Ukrainians of Kazakhstan is not sufficient and appropriate for such a large national group. The rapid disappearance of authentic culture and active assimilation processes make ethnographic, ethno-social, ethno-demographic studies extremely relevant.



assimilation, ethnic culture, identity, Kazakhstan, migrations, national minority, population censuses, resettlement, Ukrainians.



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