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Regional Features of Planning and Decorative Housing Traditions of Slobozhanshchyna

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The authors of the publication:
Sushko Valentyna
Bibliographic description:
Sushko, V. (2021) Regional Features of Planning and Decorative Housing Traditions of Slobozhanshchyna. Folk Art and Ethnology, 2 (390), 37–46.


Sushko Valentyna

a Ph.D. in History, an Associate Professor, an acting chair of Theory and History of Arts Department of  the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts


Regional Features of Planning and Decorative Housing Traditions of Slobozhanshchyna



Folk architecture is one of the markers of ethnic culture. Builders had to take into account the features of natural conditions, with using natural materials of their dwelling area. However, abode is still the embodiment of the ideal of beauty and comfort, so even while moving to another region, people tried to recreate the ideal under new conditions.

Since the reputable researchers of Slobozhanshchyna Ukrainians’ ethno-culture Mykola Sumtsov, Stefan Taranushenko and others convincingly proved the Hutsuls’ participation in the settlement of Sloboda Ukraine in the XVIIth century, it seems interesting to conduct a comparative analysis of folk architecture of Slobozhanshchyna and Hutsulshchyna Ukrainians. Materials from expeditions to Slobozhanshchyna and the 2012 exploration journey to Hutsulshchyna became the ground for our studies.

Comparison of planning and decoration solutions, as well as principles of housing of Ukrainians in different parts of Ukraine proves their all-Ukrainian character. Changes in housing construction and decoration materials are caused by socio-economic transformations. However, the significance of a House for Ukrainians remains unchanged.



folk architecture, folk construction, Slobozhanshchyna, Hutsulshchyna, hut, grazhda (Hutsul farmstead), corner of honour, stove, home decor.



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