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Clothes as an Instrument of Child Socialization in Ukrainian Traditional Culture of the Late 19th – Early 20th Century

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The authors of the publication:
Tureiskyi Ihor
Bibliographic description:
Tureiskyi, I. (2022) Clothes as an Instrument of Child Socialization in Ukrainian Traditional Culture of the Late 19th – Early 20th Century. Folk Art and Ethnology, 3 (395), 102–110.


Tureiskyi Ihor

a post-graduate student of the NAS of Ukraine Maksym Rylskyi Institute of Art Studies, Folkloristics and Ethnology


Clothes as an Instrument of Child Socialization
in Ukrainian Traditional Culture of the Late 19th – Early 20th Century



The significance of children’s clothing in the processes of child socialization is considered in the article. Symbolically illustrating age-related changes in a person’s life, clothes in Ukrainian traditional culture is known with a social function. According to the materials of the late 19th – mid to late 20th century, changes in a child’s clothing from birth to adolescence can be traced in the context of its involvement into social life.

Children’s attire as a special phenomenon of traditional culture reflects a number of archaic ideas used in ritual actions with clothes. Having a practical function, the appearance of some components in the child’s wardrobe indicates a change in status and also has a symbolic, magical character.

The system of ideas and practices in traditional children’s clothing of Ukrainians has combined both the necessary adaptation to the child’s physical growth and the acquisition of certain traits and qualities aimed at a successful future. The child’s age, performance of certain functions and status in the community are closely related to established standards of appearance. From the point of view of childhood, as a mirror of civilization, traditional children’s clothing is an important component for understanding the peculiarities of archaic Ukrainian society.



children’s clothes, folk clothes, traditional costume, child socialization, Ukrainian traditional culture, childhood.



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