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Screen Adaptation of Theatrical Performances of the 1970–1980s: Preconditions, Trends of Formation and Development

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The authors of the publication:
Yelchyk Oksana
Bibliographic description:
Yelchyk, O. (2022) Screen Adaptation of Theatrical Performances of the 1970–1980s: Preconditions, Trends of Formation and Development. Folk Art and Ethnology, 4 (396), 82–88.


Yelchyk Oksana

a post-graduate student of the NAS of Ukraine Maksym Rylskyi Institute of Art Studies, Folkloristics and Ethnology


Screen Adaptation of Theatrical Performances of the 1970–1980s: Preconditions, Trends of Formation and Development



The first decades of the 20th century are marked with certain changes in the technologization of our society cultural development. In particular, during this time the cinematography absorbs ceaselessly – cinifies – the branches of artistic activity in the spheres of various arts. Undoubtedly, the development of cinema has one of the most perceptible effects on the theatre.

It is known that the theatre art is often based on the events and plots, those are included already into the history, have a certain social resonance; its progressiveness is reduced to the systematic search for new forms of emotional spectrum transmission, the embodiment of old paintings in a new way with the use of the synthesis of various types of art. The problem of theatre cinemafication is considered as an important one in the study of the relationship between theatre and cinema. Prerequisites for the development of screen adaptations of theatrical performances include: a relatively quick and cheap method of production, the impossibility of watching theatrical productions of the country’s leading theatres in its the most remote corners. That’s why the performances have been filmed directly on the theatre stage – in a cinematic way, as well as the rapid development of television, which came to the late 1960s, the ethers of which have needed to be filled. It is just television that has given impulse to the mass production of adaptations of theatrical performances, becoming full-fledged creative achievements, using cinema and television art.

The positive trend is that the theatre has become a starting point for film art, without absorbing it in any way. They continue to adopt each other’s best practices in the context of scenery, make-up, directing and script writing, musical accompaniment, but remain completely autonomous.



theatre, cinema, cinemafication, television, cinematography, film-performance, television performance.



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