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Architecture of the XVIIIth­ Century Baturyn Government Buildings

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The authors of the publication:
Herasko Maryna
Bibliographic description:
Herasko, M. (2017) Architecture of the XVIIIth-Century Baturyn Government Buildings. Folk Art and Ethnology, 3 (367), 84–97.


Herasko Maryna – a Ph.D. in History, a chief of the Research and Enlightening Work Department of the National Historical and Cultural Preserve Hetman’s Capital (Baturyn, Chernihiv Region)


Architecture of the XVIIIth­ Century Baturyn Government Buildings



The article examines the development of civil architecture in Ukraine-Hetmanate on the example of architecture of the XVIIIth-century Baturyn government buildings, as well as the features of their location and construction. In the period of the Hetmanate, there was extensive construction of buildings of various functional types, including civil or administration buildings, which played an ever-increasing role in composing the city’s downtown squares.

The XVIIIth century was marked by the trend that along with the construction of aforementioned buildings, there were erected other local attractions – churches and bell towers, massive office buildings, town halls, regimental and company’s councils of officers. Of the then massive urban development, there were mainly manor houses – wooden, one-storey, with the predominance of popular types of housing. The best examples of wooden construction situated in places with rampant carpentry styled by certain masters. The Ukrainian wooden construction played an important role, and there were two building styles: classic and fictitious.

The study ascertains the measurements of administration structures, described their heating and interior, studies subsidiary utility and single-purpose structures, and analyses building materials used for erecting office buildings, as well as outlines the prospects for further research of the issue.



Baturyn, architecture, government buildings, Zemstvo’s (district) court, company’s chancellery, building materials.



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