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Ukrainian Historical and Memorial Atlases as a Means of Historical Truth Dissemination and Building of State’s Positive Image

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The authors of the publication:
Avramenko Anatoliy
Bibliographic description:
Avramenko, A. (2018) Ukrainian Historical and Memorial Atlases as a Means of Historical Truth Dissemination and Building of State’s Positive Image. Folk Art and Etnology, 2 (372), 10–17.



a Ph.D. in History, an associate professor, a head of the scientific centre at the Krasnodar Regional Public Organization The Community of Kuban and Ukraine





The significance of scientific editions is increasing within the information war against Ukraine. The publication of thematic atlases (historical and biographic ones in particular) is one of the effective and visual means to reproduce the reliable historical information. The proposed article is dedicated just to such editions. The atlas of demographic history of Ukrainian Diaspora in Russia according to the figures of the censuses of 1897–1989 has been published in 1993 in Ukrainian and English (with the help of Ukrainians of Canada). Soon the Institute for Diaspora Studies in Kyiv has started the creation of the global atlas Ukrainians in the World (in Maps, Texts, Figures), but in 2001 the work has been ceased because of the cost shortage.  

The linguist V. Terkulov has also proved an interesting and perspective project. In early 2012 he has proposed the creation of the Explorers Association of Modern National and Cultural State of the Ukrainians Abroad. V. Terkulov has considered the creation of the map of the points inhabited by Ukrainians in Russia and also the composition of the encyclopaedia Ukrainian Settlements on Russia Map to be the main stage of work.

The first memorial biographic atlases have been edited in the USA and England. In Ukraine the educational atlas By the Roads of the Great Kobzar has been published on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko birthday. The main parts of the atlas conform to the Kobzar life pages. The last chapter contains information concerning the memory preservation on him. Some inexactitudes in the Atlas are analysed in the article. 

The publication of the atlas Eminent Compatriots in 2014 is important for the extension of the information on prominent Ukrainians. It is preceded with the edition of the atlases line of the regions of Ukraine My Birth Place in 1991–2014. Nowadays it would be urgent to create and implement the project explaining the Ukrainians contribution into the cultural heritage of Russia. For instance, it may be the publication of historical and cultural atlas of encyclopaedic type Ukrainians of Russia or Ukrainians of Eastern Diaspora: Historical and Cultural Atlas (in Ukrainian, Russian and English). The experience of work on the cartographic productions creation shows that it is an effective way to amend the image of the state and nation in the world, to raise the self-appraisal of the people representatives, whose history and culture are graphically and vividly depicted as the picturesque and saturated in facts historical atlases.



historical and biographical atlases, memorial atlases, Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian Diaspora, historical cartography.



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