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Christmas Clothing of the Ukrainians Of Bukovyna

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The authors of the publication:
Kozholianko Oleksandr
Bibliographic description:
Kozholianko, O. (2018) Christmas Clothing of the Ukrainians of Bukovyna. Folk Art and Ethnology, 6 (376), 33–40.


Kozholianko Oleksandr

a Doctor of History, an associate professor, an administrative assistant of the Bukovynian Ethnographical Society.


Christmas Clothing of the Ukrainians Of Bukovyna



Person life consists of the material acquisitions, forming material culture. However, spiritual world is a significant and irreplaceable scope of existence in the life of a separate individual and nation in general. Accordingly, a clear spiritual culture system of many nations have been formed for millenaries. It includes calendar holidays and rituals. Christmas celebrations are considered as the most significant among them. 

Christmas mummings of Bukovyna Ukrainians are investigated in the article. Popular religion of Bukovyna Ukrainians is closely connected with nature and economic annual cycle from ancient times to the early XXIst century. In the past, it was based on the struggle for existence in the natural environment. These holidays are connected with one common idea: the Sun honouring and the sun gods, the struggle between Summer and Winter. It forms the basis of farming. Chrisitian Nativity Play is extended with the Christianity acceptance in Bukovyna.

Christmas mummings are aimed to influence on the person life, to express gratitude and sacrifice to the god, to elate the human being moral spirit before the beginning of a new annual life cycle via the word, dance, Nativity Play action.



Christmas, mumming, goat, Nativity Play, mythology, nature, the sun, theatre.



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