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On the Issue of the Croats Origin and Ethnic History

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The authors of the publication:
Stryzhak Oleksiy
Bibliographic description:
Stryzhak, O. (2019) On the Issue of the Croats Origin and Ethnic History. Folk Art and Ethnology, 5 (381), 58–91.


Stryzhak Oleksiy (1925–2006)

a Ph.D. in Philology, linguist-onomatologist, a senior research fellow at the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Ukrainian Language Institute


On the Issue of the Croats Origin and Ethnic History



At the beginning of the 2000s a well-known Ukrainian linguist-onomatologist Oleksiy Stryzhak (1925–2006) has handed over some of his scientific studies to the Archives of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences M. Rylskyi Institute for Art Studies, Folkloristics and Ethnology. These works concern to the Slavic nations, tribes and their names origin.

One of them, dedicated to the Croats and Ukrainian-Croatian historical and linguistic interaction, is proposed to the readers. This historical-etymological research is realized on a large practical material in inherent vivid, even sometimes publicistic, style. The scientist has given interesting examples of uncommon propinquity of Croatian and Ukrainian languages, proposed parallels in ethnic and linguistic genesis of Croats and Ukrainians, paying peculiar attention to the struggle of two nations for the preservation of their identity in the conditions of imperial policy of denationalization.

The scientist has also considered some issues of the Ukrainian onomastics development, in particular, such comparatively young branch as theoretical ethnonymics. He has appealed colleagues to discuss new definitions (e. g. terminological pair ethnonym – ethnoforonym). 

The main monographic works of O. Stryzhak are: TheNamesofPoltavaRegionRivers (1963), TheNamesofZaporizhzhiaandKhersonRegionRivers (LeftBankoftheLowerOverDniproLands) (1967), WhataretheGeographicalNamesNarratingabout?(The Signs of Nations on the Map of Ukrainian SSR) (1967), The Dictionary of Hydronyms of Ukraine (1979, joint compiler and responsible editor), Ethnonymics of Herodotus Scythia (1988), Ethnonymics ofPtolemy Sarmatia. Searching for the Rus (1991).



Croats, Ukrainians, etymology, onomastics.



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