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Publicistic Work of Valentyna Borysenko

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The authors of the publication:
Hromova Nataliya
Bibliographic description:
Hromova, N. (2020). Publicistic Work of Valentyna Borysenko. Folk Art and Ethnology, 4 (386), 114–125.


Hromova Nataliya

A Ph.D. in History, an associate professor at the Department of Ethnology and Local History of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. ORCID ID:


Publicistic Work of Valentyna Borysenko



The article is dedicated to the publicistic work of the Doctor of History, Professor Valentyna Kyrylivna Borysenko. She has celebrated the 75th anniversary of her birthday on July 7, 2020. She is a scientist without whom it is impossible to imagine the development of modern ethnology. Thanks to her titanic and self-denying teaching, scientific, popularizing work she is widely known not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

V. Borysenko articles in newspapers for the last 40 years are considered in detail. They are dedicated to the chance of historical and ethnological sciences and relevant educational branches of science in the higher education institutions, the transformation of traditional folk rites and folklore in Ukraine in Soviet times and during the independence period. Peculiar attention is paid to the researcher’s published works, where she blames the misrepresentation and falsifications in the field of folk culture, which have nothing to do with the true traditions and beliefs of our ancestors. Also the scholar’s studies, dedicated to the urgent problems of the present time are considered. These are namely the recognition of Holodomor of the 1932–1933 as the genocide of Ukrainian people, the status of Ukrainian language as the only state one, the myth on polyethnic Ukraine, because of which the educational, cultural and language rights of Ukrainians as the indigenous people are oppressed.

In her articles V. Borysenko calls to study culture and history of the own people thoroughly, to speak Ukrainian, to strengthen our Ukrainian ethnic identity, our patriotism in order to prevent separatist processes in Ukraine and to preserve the independence and sovereignty of our state.



Valentyna Kyrylivna Borysenko, publicistic works, ethnology, history, language, traditional culture.



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