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From Jуzef to Maksym: A History of the Rylskyi Family, Mirrored in Documents of the State Archives of Kyiv Region

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The authors of the publication:
Kovalenko Rena
Bibliographic description:
Kovalenko, R. (2020) From Józef to Maksym: A History of the Rylskyi Family Mirrored in Documents of the State Archives of Kyiv Region. Folk Art and Ethnology, 5/6 (387/388), 88–97.


Kovalenko Rena

a chief specialist of the Document Information Use Department of State Archives of Kyiv Region. ORCID ID:


From Jуzef to Maksym: A History of the Rylskyi Family, Mirrored in Documents of the State Archives of Kyiv Region



A well-known M. Rylskyi’s statement about the need to know and honour one’s own past can be also attributed to the memory of his own family. This publication introduces little-known documents of the XVIIIth–XIXth centuries, which are stored in the State Archives of Kyiv Region and relate to the origin, property status and social activities of ancestors of the prominent Ukrainian poet, translator, literary critic, publicist and public figure Maksym Rylskyi.

It is known from the documents that members of the Rylskyi family held public office. One of the poet’s ancestors, Symon Rylski, a son of Józef, has received the post of Czerwonogród, and his son Romuald – Lviv, pantlers. The imprint of the epoch in the fate of Teodor, a son of Romuald and a great-grandfather of M. Rylskyi, was the accusation of preparing weapons for the 1830–1831 Polish uprising participants, which was not confirmed during the investigation. The poet’s grandfather, Rozesław, had liberal views, and his father, Tadeusz, a son of Rozesław, was placed under secret surveillance due to his communist attitude and the spread of anti-serfdom sentiments among peasants. The culmination of the case against the society of communists, headed by V. Antonovych, was the search and seizure of literature in Polish, French and German, including books banned by censorship.

Of an interest is information on the estates of the Rylskyis, as well as the number of serfs belonging to them. The information on inspection’s tales deserves a special attention, in particular, the data about the family of M. Rylskyi’s mother, Melaniya Chupryna, a daughter of Fedir, about whom much less information has been preserved in comparison with M. Rylskyi’s paternal lineage.

Thus, the documents used in the article, i.e., genealogical books, inspection’s tales, maps, materials of the 1897 All-Russian census and investigative cases, correspondence, etc., allow us to significantly expand our understanding of the lineage and history of the gentry Rylskyi family.



lineage; M. Rylskyi, Tadeusz Rylski, Rozesław Rylski, Teodor Rylski, Princes Troubetzkoy, V. Antonovych.



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