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Return of Historical and Cultural Values to Ukraine: Achievements and Prospects

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The authors of the publication:
Danylenko Oleksandr
Bibliographic description:
Danylenko, O. (2019) Reversion of Historical and Cultural Values to Ukraine: Achievements and Prospects. Folk Art and Ethnology, 3 (379), 44–51.


Danylenko Oleksandr

 a Doctor of History, a professor at Department of History of All-the-World Ukrainians of Faculty of History of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University


Return of Historical and Cultural Values to Ukraine: Achievements and Prospects



The main aspects of the problem of historical and cultural values reversion to Ukraine are revealed in the article. It contains a list of the most prominent actions concerning to the reversion of historical and cultural heritage to Ukraine. In general, it is possible to estimate realized work positively. According to the official data over 100 000 units of historical and cultural values have been returned to Ukraine since 1992. Current situation is also discussed in the article. New ways of international cooperation aimed at returning of historical and cultural values to Ukraine are proposed. Attention is paid to the fact that the state agencies of Ukraine have followed a number of international legal documents as to the reversion of those artifacts. Imperfection of Ukrainian laws about import / export of cultural values has slowed greatly the process of international communication in this field. Possible difficulties are also shown. It is mentioned in the article, that after the occupation of a part of Ukrainian territory on the East and the Crimea annexation any successful negotiations about historical and cultural values reversion from the Russian Federation are impossible. We must not diminish everything done in previous years. The importance of such active work in this field is emphasized. Popularization of restored artifacts among Ukrainians is a considerable part of this complex of questions as well. It is concluded that the reversion of historical and cultural values is a very serious task, as those artifacts refill Ukrainian treasury with unique masterpieces of art, rare archival materials and collections of books.



historical monuments, cultural heritage, historical and cultural values, Ukrainian Diaspora.



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