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Ukrainians Folk Trades and Crafts as a Component of Creative Industries

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Sauliak Bohdan
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Sauliak, B. (2019) Ukrainians Folk Trades and Crafts as a Component of Creative Industries. Folk Art and Ethnology, 4 (380), 95–100.


Sauliak Bohdan 
Ph.D. in History, a junior research fellow at the Archival Scientific Funds of Manuscripts and Audio-Recordings Department of M. Rylskyi Institute for Art Studies, Folkloristics and Ethnology Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences


Ukrainians Folk Trades and Crafts as a Component of Creative Industries



Creative industries are known as the list of types of economic activities that have the potential to create added value and working places through cultural (artistic) and / or creative expression, and their products and services are the result of individual creativity, skills and talent. According to the classification of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development creative industries include: traditional culture: decorative-applied arts, folk crafts, festivals; cultural sights: museums, exhibitions, archaeological sights, libraries; audiovisual media: television, radio, cinematography; media: software, video games; design: fashion, graphic design, interior design, industrial design; creative services: cultural and digital services, advertising; fine art and stage art.

In the modern world creative industries are the driving forces of the economic development of most countries. Ukraine has the same potential. Ukrainian folk trades and crafts have a significant potential, where, according to rough estimations, more than 120 thousand people are involved. Legislative definition of the creative industries term allows to distinguish those activities that are the producers of creative products and services. This makes it possible to identify clearly what activities require state support to ensure its organic development and falls under the EU Program Creative Europe 2014–2020, to which Ukraine has joined in 2016.

Among the state agencies that support the development of creative industries the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, which develops a purpose-oriented program for the support and development of folk crafts, can be noted. The newly created ministerial department of creative industries includes the sector of folk crafts and plans to help artisans, in particular, to continue to amend the existing legislation. The state understanding of the fact that Ukrainian folk trades and crafts are an important part of the creative industries can not only help the development of the branch, but also contribute to increase the representation and recognition of Ukrainian culture on the international arena.



creative industries, trades, crafts, artisans, Ukrainian culture.



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